Thursday, January 26, 2006

Teaching the in Knowledge Society - Pg. 1 - 8

Well, Mr. Hargreaves is going to be an interesting writer. He had me angry by page 2. He said, "Teachers must take their place again among society's most respected intellectuals - moving beyond the citadel of the classroom to being, and preparing their students to be, citizens of the world." He indicted that classroom are all becoming standardized and that all we do now is teach to the test. I had to let anger not color the rest of my reading to see the points he was making. I even managed to agree to a point. There is a lot of teaching to the test, but I believe that most of us go well beyond that. I feel respected as a teacher in South Dakota, yet at the same time I don't feel valued in the way I believe we should be.

I am going to have to see how I feel about the knowledge society as this book unfolds. For now, he has my interest though and I believe that makes a good writer. I think teaching the values he promotes runs into some tricky ground. He seems pretty liberal in his approach for this conservative girl. Looking forward to the discussion that is to follow.


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I don't think that Andy Hargreaves was speaking down to teachers by explaining the current situation in our knowledge society. Rather, he was trying to paint a broad picture of our nation's attitude toward schools/schooling.

Mary E

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